About the Brand

With roots stemming up north, AURUM.Ldn – founded by Karly Wake – was born from a love of big, brash jewels. From raiding her mum’s jewellery box to trailing through countless pawn shops, real gold was both sentimental and expressional for Karly, and it quickly grew into a personal obsession.

Moving to London, Karly spent the best part of a decade working in fashion, becoming a buyer for luxury brands, where soon, buying jewellery became part of her everyday. This introduced a new appreciation and understanding of fine jewellery, inspiring a mix-and-match look: think pawn shop creole earrings and lavish raw diamonds.

It’s all about slow fashion and forever pieces, because real gold is forever. And just as the founder’s journey began with nostalgic hand-me-downs, think of your AURUM.Ldn jewellery as soon-to-be vintage heirlooms to pass on in the future yourself.

With a mix of made to order and small scale production there’s something for everyone at AURUM.Ldn. That includes affordable ear piercings and those one-day-they’ll-be-mine aspirational pieces, because everyone who loves real gold should be able to wear it.

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