About the Brand

A trip of a lifetime to the picture-perfect Mayan Riviera led to our creation.


The name Nayam (Mayan reverted) originates from this memorable journey and mirrors the mystical peninsula of Yucatan where the idea for this collection blossomed. Nayam channels the free-spirit and openness that the designer felt in this precious corner of the world.


The vibrant streets and nature of Mexico led Geraldine Detry to explore her passion for designing eye-catching, comfortable and elegant attire,  giving people an option to stand out in any circumstance.


Designing the Nayam kimono involved a creative process of reinterpretation, of stripping away old clichés and redefining what the kimono means for young, enigmatic citizens of the world. 


With these staple pieces that exude elegance, freedom and independence, the brand ‘s philosophy is an open invitation to stay true to yourself.


Designed for an international community ,free and open-minded, Nayam aims for immersion into new cultures and experiences. 

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