About the Brand

“Nutcracker is an imaginary friend who will take you on a journey
around the world, beyond dreams and reality”

The brand, Nutcracker, was born out of theatricality, curiosity and the desire to combine comfort, generosity and luxury. Resulting in a conceptual adaptation of Hoffmann’s Nutcracker in the form of a luxury fashion brand. We play with colour and whimsy to create cultural experiences linking artists, musicians, stories and dreams. Hedonist in style, we cherrypick from bedtime stories, mythology, kaleidoscopic visions of eclectic geometric patterns and cultural ornaments.

Unashamedly sexy, with its bohemian spirit, the brand emphasises travelling, both spiritually and physically, with core values that celebrate creativity, sustainability, and nature. Our Minimal + Maximal collection features sleek designs, focusing on generous cuts in luxurious fabrics, carrying twists, lively prints and vibrant colourways. Sustainability is at the forefront of the brand’s ethos, and as such, Minimal + Maximal incorporates organic silks and dyes, rejecting synthetic materials wherever possible. As a small brand we aim to prioritise sustainable sourcing and reducing our environmental footprint and impact to create beautifully crafted garments.

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