the audrey – oat


The Audrey Joggers have been designed with comfort and cosiness in mind, yet still flatter the natural curves of the body with a thick high waistband and elongated leg and cuff

Joggers are designed to fit true to size

Size guide

XS UK 6-8

S   UK 8-10

M  UK 10-12

L   UK 14-16

Fully fashioned and made up of extra fine merino wool, recycled cashmere, pa polyamide and ea elastan

Care Instructions 

No need to wash after each wear, the composition of fibres mean odours won’t stick to the garments. Washing every 10 wears really is fine. Hand-wash or machine wash on a cold wool / delicate setting and dry on a flat surface. For any areas that experience high levels of friction (armpits or crotch) you can use a standard de-bobbler to eliminate any pilling

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