About the Brand

Foodi is the collision of art and fashion from the mind of London born artist Stephen Foodi.  

The 80's artist Keith Haring said "Art is for everyone", which is something I couldn't agree more with. I’d like to make my art more accessible and I use clothing as a canvas to do this. Unlike most galleries that you might visit where they say "please do not touch", in this one you can, the gallery will be your closet. My work is bold and edgy and reflects a crossover of art, fashion, and popular culture. 

I’m very interested in personal style and how we can wear something different, I believe that it’s something that’s shines through with your attitude and how you think.

My approach to my work is with a keen interest in ‘the individual’ and the ingredients that individuality possesses. Some of my pieces are one of ones as it’s my own individual expression that cannot be duplicated. I wish to enrich your buying experience with timeless pieces that I hope you will love now and in years to come. My dream is for people to approach their own individuality with consciousness and if what I create adds to their process and makes them think, then it’s a dream realised. 

The motto “I can’t teach you anything, I can only make you think” rules all concepts and collections.

I believe in promoting “healthy clothing” within fashion so garments are certified 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade or upcycled vintage. I committed to improving on the environmental philosophy of the brand as the clothing editions continue. To save on my carbon footprint all designing & printing are made in London, UK. 

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